Single Color Mini Inline LED Dimmer with RF Remote, 4A, 5-24V DC

Single Color Mini Inline LED Dimmer with RF Remote, 4A, 5-24V DC

Single Color Mini Inline LED Dimmer with RF Remote, 4A, 5-24V DC

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It can dim most 5~24VDC LED products from 15%-100% using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM). 8 dynamic color-changing modes with adjustable speed control. Features power cycle mode retention. Maximum load is 4 amps. Attached 4" power input and controller output wire leads. 1 Remote to 1 controller pairing. Range greater than 30ft in open air. Battery for RF remote included.

About the Mini Dimmer:

this mini dimmer is tiny in its size, make it easy to be concealed .Through connecting with LED strips, the accompanied RF remote will be able to control strip to achieve different functions such as dynamic mode, dynamic speed level and brightness adjustment.

Voltage: 5V-24V/DC 
Working current : 12A 
Output : 1 channels
Overall dimension: 1.6(L)×0.5(W)×0.2(H) inch
Output wires to connect with power and LED strip light( red is + and black is -)

About the RF Remote:

the RF wireless remote signal can pass through barrier, it gets a longer control distance(about 15 meters at open area) and range since it is not necessary to aim at the main unit when operating. Total 8 dynamic modes, 10 level of dynamic speed , and 10 level of brightness adjustment.

Function buttons on the RF remote:

ON / Standby: to turn ON or switch to standby mode. LED strip will turn on and restore to previous status at powering on moment. 
LIGHT: switch to static lighting mode from dynamic mode.
25% / 50% / 100% : switch to 100% , 50% or 25% brightness lightness mode. 
MODE+ / MODE- : switch to dynamic mode from static lighting mode, or switch between different dynamic modes. 
SPEED+ / SPEED- : adjust dynamic mode lighting speed. 
BRIGHT+ / BRIGHT- : adjust lighting mode brightness.

Mode List:

1. Pulsating Fade
2. Fast Fade
3. Half Brightness Fast Fade
4. Strobe
5. Slow Blink
6. Fast Blink
7. Multi Flash Strobe
8. Short Duration Strobe

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