T3-5A Wireless RGB LED Touch Controller (Receiver)

T3-5A Wireless RGB LED Touch Controller (Receiver)

T3-5A Wireless RGB LED Touch Controller (Receiver)

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The T3-5A LED RGB Controller is a stand-alone controller, which can control RGB LED Flex Strips of either 12 or 24VDC. You can also buy the T3 RGB Remote to pair that with your T3-5A RGB LED Controller to perform controller remote.

Power supply chosen: DC CV SMPS
Max current load: 5A x 3CH Max 15A
Change mode: 32 Fantastic modes
Control button: 8 touch buttons
Grey scale levels: 1024 x 1024 x 1024
Unlimited sync quantity: no quantity limit
Working temperature: -30°C - 55°C

Click here to check the detailed use manual of this T3-5A RGB controller 

The FlexTec T3-5A LED RGB Controller is compatible with the FlexTec T3 RF Remote Control. Using the most advanced 2.4GHZ RF wireless transmission technology, one remote can realize the signal synchronization on unlimited LED RGB Controllers within a 30 meter distance (98 feet). It can be used with either 12V or 24V color changing LED tape light. Featuring 32 changing modes with smooth changing effects and no flicker on the LED light. Unique full-color circle touch control technology, 8 touch keys on the controller, you can select the functions of switch, pause, changing modes, speed and LED brightness.

Use the T3-CV RGB LED Receiver to control that roll, then pair the T3-CV with your T3-5A and your set. The T3-5A RGB LED controller will control and both rolls of flex strip. Need more strips? No problem, keep adding and pairing as many T3-CV’s as you need.

T3-5A Wiring Diagram: 

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