T4-CV 2.4G Wireless Programmable RGBW LED Controller (Receiver)

T4-CV 2.4G Wireless Programmable RGBW LED Controller (Receiver)

T4-CV 2.4G Wireless Programmable RGBW LED Controller (Receiver)

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The T4-CV is a 4 channel constant voltage RF receiver/driver designed to be controlled via RF via the hand held T4 remote controller

Input Voltage: DC5V~DC24V
Max Current Load: 5A × 4CH Max 20A
Max Output Power: 100W/240W/480W(5V/12V/24V)
Working Temperature: -30℃~55℃
Package Size: L178×W48×H33(mm)
Weight (G.W.): 110g

Click here to check the detailed use manual of this T4 RGBW LED Remote control system 

Performance Features:

  • Touch sensitive color wheel gives over 16 million color options.
  • Control up to 8 zones individually or synchronously.
  • Each of the eight zones can control an unlimited number of receivers.
  • Using the remote, customize RGB color sequences or static colors.
  • Remote contains 8 memory storage functions - easy to recall by simply pressing the corresponding number.
  • Custom color sequences can be set to fade, step, or strobe through colors, with speed and brightness adjustments.
  • Simplify your RGBW LED installation and eliminate wires by pairing multiple T4-5A receivers with one T4 remote.
  • Pre-programmed static and dynamic modes.
  • Power off memory function.
  • Radio frequency remote control works through walls with effective range of up to 100 feet. You do not need to connect the wireless receivers to each other or the remote control. Just connect your lights to the wireless receivers. 

T4 LED Remote controller is a simple and easy way to customize and control 5-wire Red-Green-Blue-White 5, 12, or 24 volt DC LED strips or other RGB ColorPlus LEDs. The T4 remote allows you to create and store the perfect ambiance for any occasion, up to 8 custom color sequences and 8 zones! Choose whether to fade, step, or strobe through the color cycle, and adjust the speed and brightness. Custom colors can also be displayed in real time by simply touching the color wheel. In addition, you have independent control of the white nodes of your RGBW strip. 

Wiring Diagram:

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