T4 Wireless Programmable RGBW LED Remote controller

T4 Wireless Programmable RGBW LED Remote controller

T4 Wireless Programmable RGBW LED Remote controller

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Simplify your RGB/RGBW LED installation and eliminate wires by pairing multiple T4-CV receivers with one remote, in up to eight distinct zones.

Input voltage: DC5V(Built-in Lithium battery)
Working current: ≤30mA
Working frequency: 2.4GHZ
transmitting distance: 30m
Remote option: sync or zone or programming control
Battery capacity: 1000mAh
Working temperature: -20℃~55℃
Dimension: 145×W55×H22mm
Weight (G.W.): 200g

Click here to check the detailed use manual of this T4 RGBW LED Remote control system 

Performance Features:

  • Adopt 2.4GHZ RF wireless transmission technology, which is applicable for license and patent free worldwide.
  • Advanced RF wireless sync control technology, no sync signal wire between receivers, sync capability is stable and reliable.
  • Remote adopts the capacitive touch control technology on the full color wheel, make the LED color selection more user- friendly.
  • With the latest DIY program method, editing effects is easier and more intuitive.
  • Build-in sync state light, can display the LED color in static or changing state synchronously.
  • Sync and zone switch freely.
  • Unmanned operation more than 1 min on the remote, the remote will automatically shut down to realize zero loss, extending operation life for the battery.
  • USB charging port. 

T4 LED Remote controller is a simple and easy way to customize and control 5-wire Red-Green-Blue-White 5, 12, or 24 volt DC LED strips or other RGB ColorPlus LEDs. The T4 remote allows you to create and store the perfect ambiance for any occasion, up to 8 custom color sequences and 8 zones! Choose whether to fade, step, or strobe through the color cycle, and adjust the speed and brightness. Custom colors can also be displayed in real time by simply touching the color wheel. In addition, you have independent control of the white nodes of your RGBW strip. 

Wiring Diagram:

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