WiFi-106 RGB(W) 12 Zones WiFi Controller

WiFi-106 RGB(W) 12 Zones WiFi Controller

WiFi-106 RGB(W) 12 Zones WiFi Controller

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12~24vdc operation, 4A/CH output
Single or multi zone control for Dimming, CCT colour temperature, RGB or RGBW Colour Changing lights using your mobile phone!
Free app download available from Google Play and iTunes (WIFI-106)
Expandable using F4-5A, F4-CC, F4-DMX &F5-DMX

Communication standard: 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, 802.11b/g/n protocol
Input voltage: DC12V~DC24V
Max current load: 4A x4CH Max 16A
Max output power: 192W/384W(12V/24V)
Control distance: up to 100m
Working temperature: -30℃ - 55℃
Dimensions: L128×W73×H45mm
Warranty: 5 Years

The WiFi-106 controller can control up to 12 zones of lighting. These 12 zones can be controlled separately or simultaneously. The controller itself can connect directly to LED Strip or F4-5A zone receivers are used for multi zone requirements.

There are two ways of connecting with the WiFi-106 controller, either directly or through a network router. The WiFi-106 has its own WiFi network that a smart device (phone, pad etc.) can connect with. However it's usually best to connect the WiFi-106 to a WiFi network. This lets any device connected to the network control the WiFi-106. Multiple WiFi-106 controllers can be connected to the router allowing multiple sets of up to 12 zones of lighting per controller.

All of our 'E' and 'EX' series touch panels can be added into this system offering the user fixed dedicated wall mounted control. The WIFI-106 controller and the 'E' or 'EX' series touch panels connect to the same wireless zone receivers. If the LED lights are connected to the touch panels by wire (DMX or low voltage cable); the WIFI-106 can control the 'E' and 'EX' series touch panel directly.

Click here to check the detailed use manual of this Wifi-106 controller 

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