2.4G Wireless 4 Channel RGBW DMX Decoder, 5A/CH, 5-24VDC

2.4G Wireless 4 Channel RGBW DMX Decoder, 5A/CH, 5-24VDC

2.4G Wireless 4 Channel RGBW DMX Decoder, 5A/CH, 5-24VDC

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Can Set the address parameters with OLED display
Adopt 2.4GHZ RF global open ISM frequency channel
64 channels choices, users can use 64 groups wireless network independently.
4 choices of sending end transmitted power level, visual communication distance can reach 350 meters.

Input Connection: 2 Wire (+/-)
Output Connection: 5 Wire RGBW(+)
Input Power: 5 - 24VDC
Output Power: 5A x 4CH
Maximum Watts: 240W@12VDC, 480W@24VDC
Working Frequency: 2.4 GHz ISM 64 Channels
Max Control Radius: 1,000ft (line of sight)
Rating: Indoor
Dimensions: 6.89"L x 1.73"W x 6.69"H

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Use this 4 channel Wireless RGBW DMX Decoder with our DMX Transceiver to control 5-24VDC LED Lights without the use of XLR3 Cables or patch cords. Using 2.4Ghz wireless technology the transceiver is paired on a unique RF frequency to the RGBW Decoder, sending the DMX signal up to 1,000ft. Each 4 channel driver can then be set with a starting DMX address on the vivid OLED display screen. One DMX transceiver is required to send the DMX signal to any given number of wireless DMX decoders in the RF range. Using dip switches you can create 64 unique wireless groups with no interference. Each 4 channel wireless decoder can control 5 amps of per 4 channels, or 240W max at 12VDC, 480W max at 24VDC. uses the same Using dip switches on the transceiver you can set it to send or receive the DMX signal, change the frequency of the signal, and adjust the RF signal strength. One unit is required to send the DMX signal and an unlimited amount of transceivers can be paired within the wireless range. The adjustable 2.4Ghz RF signal has no delay and reacts in real time. 

Conjunction Diagram:

Relay Way to Extend the Communication Distance:

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